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Google Ads Masterclass Barcelona

Google Ads Masterclass Barcelona – 05/03/2019

Want to get more sales for your eCommerce with Google Ads? Excellent news. On the 05 of March in sunny Barcelona, Google and Spaceboost, with support from PrestaShop will help you revolutionize your Ecommerce in a morning Google Ads masterclass made up of high-value learning, case studies, and one-on-one consultation sessions designed specifically to help you get the most out of online advertising.

This is an event you don’t want to miss: a free, extensive Ecommerce Masterclass in how to start using Google Ads to expand your reach, get more customers, and scale your online store, optimizing the budget you have available to make the most of the game-changing possibilities of online advertising today.

Interested? More info on how to attend here! 


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Some of our Expert Speakers for the Barcelona Google Ads Masterclass


Grow Your Business with Google Ads

This is an essential event for any eCommerce that wants to increase its sales through advertising online in the most profitable way possible. During a comprehensive masterclass, leading specialists in Paid Search and Shopping from companies with wide experience in digital marketing for eCommerce will cover a wide range of best practices, including:


  • Indispensable tips to create an ad campaign in Google Ads and to start advertising your eCommerce online.
  • How to create the perfect structure in Google Ads Search and Shopping programs
  • How to optimize your campaigns based on your business objectives: define your CPA, set your monthly budget, and create optimization settings for each one of your campaigns.
  • Learn how automation technology – like Spaceboost’s – is providing a solution for businesses driven by online sales to do three things: create campaign structures, manage ads and daily budgets, and automate optimization strategies to obtain the best possible performance from your investment.
  • Specific workshops, from the importance of packaging for an ecommerce, to first steps to how to set up your store to benefit from SEO.


At the end of the practical course, you’ll hear some testimonials from different eCommerce owners and professionals from businesses like Robin Collection and Superstudio, who will explain how they were able to successfully scale their businesses through a well-structured digital marketing strategy!


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Who’s the Google Ads Masterclass for?

Delivered by experts from Spaceboost, Google, PrestaShop and more, this Masterclass is for every and any eCommerce business that is interested in starting to advertise online or that wants to increase its sales with more effective online advertising. It’s a perfect opportunity to begin advertising on Google Ads from scratch. If you don’t have a Google Ads account, we’ll help you create one and set you on the road to advertising online. By the time you return to your office, you’ll be ready to start creating value for your business by intelligently managing the investment you make in your digital advertising campaigns.


foto bellavista - Google Ads Masterclass Barcelona - 05/03/2019

The event will take place at the Bellavista Jardin del Norte, in Barcelona.


The fast track to Google Ads expertise

Here at Spaceboost we’re committed to spreading our knowledge of Paid Search advertising across the world. This is a course that is accessible to all business levels. We will break down and simplify all the elements of paid search advertising to allow all participants to quickly reach high-value levels of PPC expertise! Attendees will need to bring a laptop to be able to follow along with the examples and the explanations of the speakers and to carry out the personalized demos with Spaceboost’s Operations team.



The course will be carried out as a Google Ads Masterclass, that is, it will be focussed on transmitting concrete knowledge and actionable best practices. The time of the course will be divided (approximately) in the following way: 80% will be dedicated to explaining and demonstrating models, methodologies, and tools, and 20% will be spent analyzing examples of use cases and to learn from them. 

Of course, this will be a class in which participation will be very welcome! You’ll be able to actively take part and ask questions in every section of the class 🙂 Want in? Reserve your seat now!


Masterclass Schedule

This is how the event will be structured. With high value workshop talks occuring throughout the morning. There will also be opportunities to carry out a one-on-one consultancy session with Spaceboost professionals throughout the event!


Room: Apollo

Welcome to the Masterclass. 9:30-9:45 Pablo Callejon, Spaceboost founder and CMO, Bertrand Amaraggi, PrestaShop Country manager, Carlos García

First steps to using Spaceboost for your ecommerce. 9:45-10:00 Pablo Callejón Spaceboost founder and CMO

How to create paid campaigns, tips to begin advertising your ecommerce. 10:00-10:30. Carlos García Moreno, Digital Marketing and Strategy, Google

How to create the perfect structure for Google Search and Shopping. 10:30 – 11.00. Pablo Molins, Operations Manager Spaceboost, Gonzalo Pérez, Google Shopping Specialist

Coffee Break. 11:00-11:30

How to define objectives for your business, create Optimizer Settings, and establish CPA with Spaceboost11:30-12:00 Albert Morcillo, CIO and Founder, Spaceboost

The Spaceboost module for PrestaShop – a demo. 12:00-12:30. María Fonoll, Head of Ecommerce, Spaceboost

Case Studies. 12:30 – 13:00. Yvonne Bayer, Robin Collection, Sergio Gil, Carethy.


Room: Discovery 

Digital Brand for Ecommerce. 9:30-10:00. Yvonne Bayer, Robin Collection

Packaging as a tool for Ecommerce marketing. 10:00-10:30. Enrique Aguila, Packhelp

Improve your SEO with content marketing for Ecommerce. 12:00-12:30 José Facchin, JF-Digital


Want to attend? More information here!


Important notes:

Though Spaceboost’s speakers and operations team all speak English, this Masterclass will be delivered in Spanish.

You need to bring a laptop!

Johnny Crisp
Content Manager, Spaceboost
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