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Spaceboost's new ecommerce app

Meet The Ecommerce App of Your Dreams

Introducing: Spaceboost’s new, improved Ecommerce App! The platform which helps boosters take their first steps in digital marketing in an easy and intuitive way.

We’re excited to launch this Ecommerce-specific platform to help anyone who wants to build the brand they always dreamed of with intelligent, easy-to-create ads on Google Search and Shopping, without spending the world on a marketing expert. How? By quickly converting their product information into high-value, and trackable ads, anyone with a PrestaShop store can take their small or medium-sized business to the next level. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of what’s new ✨✨✨ 


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Ecommerce App 1 - Meet The Ecommerce App of Your Dreams

Sync your PrestaShop catalogue to Spaceboost and easily advertise your products online with Google Search and Shopping.


What’s new?

Our team of product ninjas and UX addicts have been hard at work converting this platform into the perfect partner for anyone who wants to get the items they want to sell in front of the exact people who want to buy them. Frankly, it is now sinfully easy to generate comprehensive structures of personalized ads, automatically generated from your product catalogue.


Smooth, fresh-out-the-box UX to help you advertise

Spaceboost Ecommerce 2 - Meet The Ecommerce App of Your Dreams

Sync your product catalogue to the Ecommerce App and always be ready to create new ads.


Any Ecommerce owner can automatically upload and sync their product catalogue to Spaceboost, ready to create ads. Once the sync is complete (this takes seconds and then is dynamic and automatically updated) it will appear separated by Brand, Category, and other tags which will help to personalize your online ads and impact the people who really want what you have to sell.

Once the upload is done, the hard work is over. What used to take hours of updating and filling in an Excel by a hardened Google Ads expert, can now be done at the click of a (nicely designed) button. Syncing your store to the Ecommerce App means you’ll always be up to date with the ads you need to drive traffic to your online store, you’ll never be advertising products you don’t have, and you’ll be able to scale your investment in advertising as you see results.


New ad templates and languages

Ecommerce App languages - Meet The Ecommerce App of Your Dreams

Select which language you want your ads to appear in.


We want to help the whole world drive sensational results from their ad investment. So, we’ve included new languages to make sure your ads match up to your product catalogue, and that you are impacting your potential customers in the language that they speak. Sounds good, right? 



image 1 - Meet The Ecommerce App of Your Dreams

With our intuitive ad templates, you can compose, preview, and generate massive amounts of ads from your synced catalogue at the click of a button.


We’re also rightly proud of our new, intuitive ad templates, which allow you to compose and preview your ads before unveiling them to new universes of new internet users ready and waiting to get to know your brand (and buy products from your online store…)


image 2 - Meet The Ecommerce App of Your Dreams

Track the results of every penny, and react to your ad performance according to the sales you make!


Last but not least, you’ll be able to track the performance of every ad you invest in, making sure you never spend more than you want to, and allowing you to ensure you are getting return on your investment in online advertising. This is the new, smart way to run an Ecommerce in 2019. What are you waiting for? Get boosting now!

Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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