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New Spaceboost Optimizer

Meet The New Spaceboost Optimizer

The Spaceboost PPC Optimizer is one of our most used and important tools. It is the driving force behind the success that we have achieved together with the 11,000 advertisers currently using our PPC Optimization and Automation platform across the world to leave behind time-consuming, low-value, manual tasks. But we aren’t about to stop there.

We’re committed to constantly improving our platform, taking into account feedback, data, and market insights and developments. This is why we’ve developed – and are proud to present – the New Look and Feel Optimizer! This is complex and high-impact technology made easy-to-use, intuitive, and highly valuable to advertisers of all levels of technological expertise.


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The New Spaceboost Optimizer!


So What’s New?

The most important development to the Optimizer has to do with how you assign the custom Settings you create to the different campaigns you have created on Spaceboost. (If you’re not sure how to create a Setting here’s our how-to guide.) When you create an Optimizer Setting on Spaceboost, you are setting the parameters within which your PPC ad structure will function. The next step is assigning it to your campaigns and/or Adgroups. You can choose to assign it either automatically or manually. Here we’ll break down the benefits and uses for each option, how to do it, and how it has changed!


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Automatically Assign Settings

If you want your Setting to be automatically assigned to your different campaigns you can now set it as an automatic campaign when you first create the Setting on the Spaceboost platform.


How to assign an Optimizer Setting to campaigns and Adgroups automatically, according to  by name, tag, or accounts.


By creating a Setting to be automatically assigned, you can ensure it will apply to campaigns according to the filters that you define, identifying them by tags (at the campaign and Adgroup level), separate accounts, or names (of Adgroup or Campaigns).

This means that when (using the Spaceboost Structure Generator) you create a series of new individual campaigns for several new products uploaded to your ecommerce, for example, you won’t need to worry about constantly creating individual parameters – max CPC, objective ROI – for each of them; they will instantly be taken care of and optimized towards your business objectives.

Once you have set the parameters to define the campaigns and/or Adgroups you want to optimize under this Setting, it will be automatically assigned to all the campaigns and Adgroups that fulfil these fields.


Manually Assign Settings

We are all for automation, but only when it delivers higher value. In each and every campaign there is a need for manual, human input; Spaceboost is about mixing the best of human strategic decisions with automation technology and machine learning. For example, it is generally valuable to create one or two manually assigned Settings to apply to the elements of your PPC strategy that won’t change much over time. This could be a Brand Awareness campaign, or for products that won’t change frequently and for which it is useful to have an Optimizer Setting specifically designed to its necessities.


Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to assign campaigns manually. Uncheck or leave empty the ‘Automate’ checkbox, manually select the campaigns you want to assign to the Setting, and you’re done!


To do this, when you are creating your Setting on Spaceboost, you need to leave the ‘Automate campaigns and Adgroup assignation’ checkbox unchecked. Then you will go to the Manage page of Spaceboost platform, where all your campaigns are available in a list, with all the information about their performance. Within this page you can search for your different campaigns by labels, tags, and names, and select them by hand. Then go to the Bulk Editor dropdown, and, in the Parameters caption, you can assign the Setting you have just created to the campaigns or Adgroups you have just manually selected.

NB! If you go back into your Setting and change the Manual Setting to Automatic by checking the ‘Automate’ box, it will deselect all the campaigns you have selected manually, and replace the assigned campaigns and Adgroups with those you select automatically.

With the New Look and Feel PPC Optimizer, you will be able to benefit from the results of having a custom optimization Setting specifically adapted to the different campaigns and Adgroups that make up your PPC investment. If you are already using Spaceboost and have any questions, bout the chanes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team, and, if you’re not already using Spaceboost’s automation technology to drive much more efficient, effective, and high-value PPC advertising, get started with your free trial today!


Johnny Crisp
Content Manager, Spaceboost
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